Q. Can I print from my I phone or droid?
A. Yes ,Currently you can go to your I phone aps and look for Pagescope Mobile. The droid ap will be available in June of 2012.

Q. Can I automatically have my credit card debited for maintenance invoices?
A. Yes give us a call and we will send you over the correct Authorization form. Also we have a payment center located on this website that you can make Credit card or check payment online.

Q. Can I save a job on my copier so I don’t have to repeat all the information every time.
A. Yes on all the new models there is a tab that can be created and will show on the main copier screen. Please call we will be happy to assist ask for Debbie.

Q. Can we give access codes on the copier for color only?
A. Yes Black can be made as a public user and color would require a 4 digit pin.

Q. What is the longest time that can be set before copier goes into sleep mode?
A. 240 minutes.